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Terratec Phono Pre-Amp Bundle

Phono Pre-Amp Bundle

Studio Turntable Restoration Bundle

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New life for ancient vinyl treasures with the phono PreAmp
Who’s not confronted with the familiar problem of having old vinyl LP’S somewhere in the attic? Actually you’d love to restore and digitize your all time favorites and probably even burn them onto CD’s. So far this has been pretty complicated, but now German sound card manufacturer TerraTec presents an easy solution at a more than reasonable price: TerraTec’s phono PreAmp is, like the name already indicates, a pre amplifier to work as an interface between record player and sound card.

Usually restoring or reworking of vinyl longplayers with a PC requires the usage of an HiFi- amplifier, because (analog) record players and sound cards work with using different audio signals. TerraTec’s phono PreAmp now offers a true alternative. It’s not even necessary to open the PC, the phono PreAmp is an external box, perfectly shielded.

Simply connect the record player through the phono PreAmp with the sound card – and off you go! No need for a power supply, the energy is already provided by the game port of the sound card. Also, in terms of sound quality, wishes do come true, the phono PreAmp is by far superior to most HiFi- amplifiers.

To optimally adapt the moving magnet pick up of the record player, the 3 commonest input capacities are selectable in steps. And, real power comes from the output amplification, also selectable in three steps. The filter function with precision RIAA noise reduction curve guarantees an optimal preparation of the pick up signal.

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Suitable for all record players with moving magnet (MM) pick ups

External, shielded case

Easy to connect to the sound card

Selectable input capacity and output amplification

Hardware design and components parts of highest quality

Precise RIAA equalizer function for natural playback

Signal-to-noise-ratio:> 85 dB (A)

Power supply through sound card gameport

Gameport is looped through

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