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Vox ToneLab

12AX7 power amp tube - 16 amp models - 10 cabinet models - 22 modeled effects

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Vox packed the incredible modeling power of Valvetronix amplifiers into a portable, desktop or live Stage Edition box. Introducing the new Vox ToneLab and Tonelab SE amp modelers - for amazing amp sound anywhere.

Announcing the new Vox ToneLab & Tonelab SE (Stage Edition), the newest members of the Valvetronix series that fuses Vox’s advanced modeling technology with real tube power and sound. The compact ToneLabs faithfully model the famous amp sounds loved by guitarists around the world, ranging from hard-to-find vintage amps to high-end modern amps. In addition, ToneLab’s 12AX7/ECC83 loaded, Valve Reactor power amp circuit reproduces the sound and feel of multiple vacuum tube power amps to deliver every detail of warm, fat tube amp sound. ToneLab and Tonelab SE boast advanced features not found on Valvetronix amplifiers, such as separate speaker cabinet modeling which produces an unmatched spatial sense even when you use the line output and MIDI I/O for program transfer & editing. In addition Tonelab provides an S/P DIF jack for high-quality digital recording.

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Vox Valve Reactor (using a 12AX7/ECC83 dual triode as a power amp tube) circuit delivers the sound and feel of actual tube power amps

16 amp models ranging from vintage classics to modern "boutique" standards

10 cabinet models add even more variety and authenticity

22 modeled effects with quality that rivals stand-alone units

Heavy-duty construction

Familiar knob-based interface for ease of use

96 programs

Headphone output

Optical digital out (S/P DIF) for digital recording (Tonelab Only)

Dedicated editor software for even more detailed editing


Optional Valvetronix series foot controller for even more performance possibilities

Backlit LCD with easily viewed LED-like display

Vox Valve Reactor Circuit Delivers True Tube Sound
The power amp section on the ToneLab range features our patented Vox Valve Reactor circuitry that was introduced in our Valvetronix amplifiers. This unique technology enables ToneLab and Tonelab SE to provide the sound, feel and dynamic range that, until now, were only possible with a multitude of all-tube amplifiers. The Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7/ECC83 dual triode vacuum tube, a virtual output transformer and a dummy speaker circuit that simulates impedance changes of a real speaker. In other words though the output power (level) is low, it has the same power amp circuit as an actual full-tube amp, and faithfully reproduces the response of the power amp circuits of the original amp that is being modeled. It reconfigures itself so that its characteristics are the same as the amps it’s modeling (class A, class AB, negative feedback circuit, etc.) This means that all of the nuances of the original amp model including sound, feel, distortion and presence are reproduced.

Sophisticated Modeling Technology
Starting with Vox’s own AC30, the 16 types of historic amp sounds in Tonelab and Tonelab SE range from hard-to-obtain vintage amps to costly high-end amps. From clean sounds to extreme high-gain distortion, these models cover a wide range of tonal possibilities. Cabinet modeling reproduces the acoustical character of ten different types of cabinet shapes and speaker types. Even when you use the line output for direct recording, ToneLab delivers a superb sense of spatial realism and depth.

22 Amazing Built-In Effects
Each one of the 22 effects in ToneLab and ToneLab SE is a carefully crafted model of one of a variety of sought after classic and popular effects. These are organized into categories of Drive, Modulation, Delay, and Reverb, and deliver quality that rivals stand-alone units. From standard effects such as compressor, overdrive, chorus, and tremolo, through to effects like rotary speaker, acoustic simulator, tape echo, and auto wah, this single unit is all you need to create a rich variety of effect sounds.

96 Different Programs
A combination of amps, cabinets, and effects can be set up as one of 96 programs, so you can recall all your favorite settings instantly. The 48 preset programs cover a wide range of sounds, and let you start experiencing ToneLab’s amazing sound right away.

All the Right Ins and Outs
Perfect for recording and live performance, ToneLab includes everything you need for killer guitar sound. The LINE/AMP switch on ToneLab and ToneLab SE lets you send the ideal signal to any connected device, so you can enjoy the ToneLab’s real tube sound whether it is connected directly to a mixer or MTR for direct line recording or to another amp for live performance on stage and the headphone out is just what you need for late-night practicing. Of course, ToneLab’s digital output is indispensable for recording in a digital environment.

Heavy-Duty Looks and Intuitive Knob-Based Operation
The design of both ToneLab and ToneLab SE complements its superior features, with heavy-duty metal construction and control knobs that make operation easy and intuitive. Program names, parameter values, and original values are displayed in the LCD screen, which is backlit for excellent visibility. Valve icons show the number and model of the power tubes used in the original amp being modeled.

Dedicated Editor Software for Even More Detailed Editing
Dedicated editor software for ToneLab and ToneLab SE is provided, and also can be downloaded from our website. This software enables you to be in complete control of your sound, so that you can tweak it to a level beyond what is available on the front panel. The software also lets you manage an unlimited number of programs. Download ToneLab Editor (2.6MB)

Optional Foot Controller
You can use an optional VC-4 foot controller for ToneLab to switch programs, control the volume or effect parameters, switch effects on/off, set the delay time, or access the tuner --- a great convenience for live performances.

Technical Description

Amp Models: 16 types

Cabinet Models: 10 types

Effects: 22 types (Drive:10 types, Modulation: 5 types, Delay: 3 types, Reverb: 3 types,

Noise Reduction: 1 type

Programs: 96 (24 Bank x 4 Channel)

In/Outputs: Guitar Input, 2 x Output (1/4" Phone Jack), 1 x Digital Out (S/P DIF) - ToneLab only, 1 x VOX Bus, 1 x Headphone Out (ToneLab only), MIDI IN/OUT

Tuner Measurement Range: 27.5 Hz-2,093 Hz (A0-C7)

Calibration: A = 438-445 Hz

Signal Processing: A/D Conversion 20bit, D/A Conversion 20bit, Sampling Frequency 44.1KHz

Voltage: Local Voltage

Dimensions (ToneLab): 319(W) x 209(D) x 74(H)mm (excluding knobs, but including cover for Valve) / 319(W) x 213(D) x 79(H)mm (including knobs)

Dimensions (ToneLab SE): 710(W) x 244(D) x 111(H)mm

Weight: 2.4 kg (ToneLab), 7.0kg* (ToneLab SE) *Provisional TBC.

Power Consumption: TBC.

Accessories: AC/AC Power Supply

Options: VC-4 VOX Foot Controller

*Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.


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