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Auralex SheetBlok - 4x30 Foot

Sound Isolation Barrier

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SheetBlok Sound Isolation Barrier is a dense, limp-mass vinyl material that is about 6dB more effective than solid lead at stopping the transmission of sound. It acts as a thin, dense sound barrier layer in walls, ceilings or floors and is most effective when used as one component of a multi-layered construction scheme.

SheetBlok helps in decoupling (i.e. floating) floors and walls and, while it's not normally considered a finish product per se, it is paintable with latex paint.

Sheetblok shown in a multi-layered wall system. Note the button cap nails for mechanical support and the caulk along the seams.

Sheetblok sound barrier shown installed on subflooring to be sandwiched between a second layer of T&G subflooring.

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UPC: 818105003532

4'x30' roll (120 sq. ft.); Color: Black (smooth on one side; has a pebble grain finish on the other) or clear (special order; subject to availability); STC: 27; Thickness: 1/8" Weight: ±1#/sq. ft.; Service Temperature: -40° to 180° F; Tensile Strength: 400 psi Tear Strength: 70#/inch; Flammability: Rated UL94 S.E. "0"; Passes test MVSS-302

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