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Seymour Duncan APTS-1 Twang Banger Strat® Pickup

APTS-1 Twang Banger Strat® Pickup

twangy, muscular punch of a gutsy Tele; and the chimey, bell-tone quack of a Strat

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Seymour Duncan

So you want both the twangy, muscular punch of a gutsy Tele®; and the chimey, bell-tone "quack" of a Strat®? No need to carry around two guitars. The APST-1 Twang Banger™ is designed to administer a big-time twang injection into your Strat® for the best-of-both-worlds Tele®-plus-Strat® tone.

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MPN: 11204-20

One of the secrets is the copper-coated steel bottom plate. Combine that with the aggressive coil windings, the Alnico II magnets wrapped in plain enamel wire, and the result is a high-output, single coil, twang-beast.

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