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Cool School CSi Master Digital Performer 4

CSi Master Digital Performer 4

Digital Performer 4 Interactive Tutorial

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Cool School

Digital Performer 4 CSi Master is a training CD-ROM that covers key operational techniques and the cool new features of Digital Performer 4. Picking up where CSi vol. 6 leaves off, it covers additional topics and advanced techniques in Digital Performer. It’s the ideal product for Digital Performer users who want to get more out of their rigs. It covers every major topic, including Setup, Recording, Editing, Arranging, Mixing, Processing, Virtual Instruments, Notation, Project Management, Advanced Uses, and Tips. For new users who need to get up to speed with DP4, the Introduction topic is designed to take them through set-up, first record, edit, and mix.

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The CSi movie tutorials are designed to include not only basic functionality, but production techniques, special shortcuts, key commands, and before and after audio examples. Key tutorials include Polar, Chunks, Freeze Tracks, Instrument Track, Rewire/Reason, Mach5, Quickscribe, Surround, and more!

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