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Rode S1

Super Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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The S1 is a professional quality microphone, specifically designed for live vocal performance. The S1 employs a true condenser transducer for optimal sound reproduction. The frequency response is tailored to ensure clear vocals while reducing handling noise. The unidirectional (super cardioid) pick up pattern limits background noise and reduces the susceptibility to feedback. The five piece mesh head provides filtering of breath, wind, and plosive noise whilst not interfering with the S1’s sensitivity or frequency response. The hardened mesh head also protects the precision condenser transducer from air borne contaminants and possible impact during performance and transit. The ergonomic design of the S1 also makes it extremely comfortable to hold and control during performance. The S1 requires P48V phantom supply and will work with most professional mixing consoles that incorporate this standard. The high level output of the S1 is electronically balanced to reduce loss over long cable runs with the additional benefit of high level rejection of electromagnetic interference.

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UPC: 698813000180

• Studio recording quality.
• Rugged all metal construction.
• Attractive satin-nickel finish.
• Heat treated high strength mesh head.
• Custom designed integral ‘plosive’ screen.
• Ergonomically weighted & balanced.
• Low noise circuitry.
• Low handling noise.
• Complete with stand mount & zip pouch.
• Designed & manufactured in Australia.
• Full 5 year guarantee.
Acoustic principle:
Externally polarized condenser, pressure
gradient transducer.
Directional pattern:
Frequency range:
20 Hz ~ 20 000 Hz
The S1 is designed to operate from
phantom power to the P48 standard.
It may be supplied from either an external
stand alone phantom supply or from a
console with internal supply. The S1 will operate between
44V and 52V applied with positive polarity to pin 2 and
pin 3 of the output XLR connector.
Output Impedance
The S1 will operate satisfactorily into a load impedance as
low as 1k?. If a load below this is used, the output signal
level will be reduced.
The S1 output is balanced between pin 2 (hot) and pin 3
(cold). Pin 1 is ground.
Equivalent noise:
18 dBA SPL (per IEC651, IEC268-15)
Maximum SPL:
151 dB (@ 0.7% THD into 1k?)
Sensitivity at 1 khz into 1 k?:
-46.5 dB re 1 Volt/Pascal
(4.7 mV @ 94 dB SPL)
+/- 2 dB into 1k?
Maximum output voltage:
+12.5 dBu (@ 0.7% THD into 1k?)
Dynamic range of the mic. amplifier DIN/IEC 651
132 dB (per IEC651, IEC268-15)
Power (Supply voltage):
Phantom supply voltage - 44V to 52V
Current consumption - 4.4 mA
A positive acoustic pressure applied to the diaphragm
results in a positive voltage excursion at pin 2 with
respect to pin 3 at the output XLR connector.
Weight approx.:
(10.58 oz)


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