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Moog Optional Wood Handles for Voyager RME

Optional Wood Handles for Voyager RME

Rack Wood Handles for the MiniMoog Voyager Rack

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This product is the wood rack ears only (pair).
Product pictured above SHOWS the optional wood handles installed on the Voyager Rack.
If you are using the Voyager Rack Mount Edition as a table-top unit, you need these to get the full vintage Moog vibe. The product ships with rack mount hardware.

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The Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition takes all the mind-bending power of the Minimoog Voyager and packages it in a 19" wide by 5U (8 3/4") high package, which is designed for rack-mount or table-top use.
The Voyager Rack Mount Edition can be controlled completely through MIDI. All front panel controls transmit and receive MIDI Continuous Controller messages. Match the RME (or up to 16 of them!) up with your existing Voyager to achieve some serious polyphony.

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