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Sonare TRC800 Trumpet (Lacquer Finish)

TRC800 Trumpet (Lacquer Finish)

Lacquer Finish Trumpet

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The fullness of sound and projection from the Sonaré trumpet owe a debt to the one-piece bell made by Sonaré’s German partner. Each bell is hand-hammered into shape. All Sonaré trumpets are tested before they leave the factory in Germany. Upon arrival in the USA they are tested again by an experienced Blackburn-trained technician to ensure that they meet Sonaré’s strict quality standards.

Cryogenic treatment is an after-market service often sought by professional players - at a cost of more than one hundred dollars! The deep-freeze treatment relieves stress in the metal that normally occurs during the making of a trumpet. The benefits of cryogenics for the player are a broader spectrum of colors and enhanced response, especially in the high register. Only Sonaré offers cryogenic treatment as standard on every trumpet.

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Hand-hammered bell
Finish: Lacquer
Bell diameter (in): 4.782
Bell diameter (cm): 12.15
Leadpipe designer and maker: Blackburn
Bore size (in): 0.459
Bore size (cm): 1.17
Mouthpiece: 3C
Mouthpiece designer: Blackburn
Valves: MicroLok™
Adjustable valve guide base: Brass
Adjustable valve guide upper: Delrin
Pistons: Monel
Springs: Bronze
Cryogenic treatment
Country of origin for trumpet: Germany
Country of origin for leadpipe: USA

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