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TC Electronic C300

Dual engine compressor/limiter gate/expander w/presets

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TC Electronic

C300 is an easy to use dual engine dynamics processor that gives you superior compression/limiting and gate/expansion feasibilities. It features flexible control of the signal path, 16 gate/expander and 16 compressor/limiter audio-optimized presets with intelligent TC multi-band and full-band technology, innovative new style compression, state-of-the-art TC quality, and an extremely intuitive and straightforward user interface that gives you access to complex and comprehensive dynamic processing with a few buttons and simple operations only.

C300 is mainly meant to be used in insert applications.

Based on thoughts behind parallel compression you get a completely new approach to working with compression. Now you can take a compressed signal and mix it with a dry signal and enhance all details in the music, just by turning the mix knob. What that does to the sound is that instead of pressing down the signal peaks you preserve all the higher dynamics when you play loud, and at the same time you bring out all the details from the lower end of the signal. Try and apply parallel compression on a drum kit. You’ll discover that all the lower details are smack in the face, while all the bells and high dynamics of the snare and cymbals are preserved and "uncompressed", so to speak. And the really cool thing about it is that the C300 makes parallel or new style compression the easiest thing in the world – just select the appropriate preset, and you’re up and running!

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- Dual engine compressor/limiter gate/expander
- 16 compressor/limiter presets and 16 gate/expander presets optimized for selectable audio sources
- Mix features for new style compression
- Intelligent TC multi-band and full-band technology
- Detail enhancement via new style compression
- Flexible routing gives you all standard combinations of link modes + a stereo serial mode that virtually gives you an extra device
- No nonsense user interface
- Comprehensive metering
- Optimized key filters in gate mode
- High quality knobs

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