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Numark TTX

Premium Turntable with Adjustable Torque

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The result of extensive research into the needs of professional DJs, the TTX deftly combines unmatched torque, incredible precision and the world's first interchangeable tonearm design for optimal performance under all conditions. The TTX is the new standard in premium turntables. Improvements include: The world's first turntable with a Variable Torque motor, up to 4.7kgfcm torque!; New DSP Motor Control System for more accurate speed control; Improved Target Light; Cooler operation for greater reliability.

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- Powerful direct-drive motor with adjustable torque (patent pending)
- Choose from three distinct motor torque settings to suit your style of spinning, 2.5, 3.7 and 4.7kgfcm
- Interchangeable Tonearm System (Straight or S-Shaped) Multi-Directional Design with Dual Start/Stop Controls
- Interchangeable Pitch Fader and Button Cartridges
- Removeable Aluminum Target Light
- Solid Core Construction fights vibration and unwanted noise
- Anti-Drag Aluminum Platter to reduce friction
- Ultra-Precise Aluminum Tonearm with cue, height, and anti-skate adjustments
- +/-10, 20, and 50% Selectable Pitch Ranges (optional 8% range)
- Key Lock to maintain any key while changing tempo
- On Board Auto BPM Counter with Recalculate Function
- Accurate Motor Control with Instant Reverse and variable start and brake times
- 33, 45 and 78 RPM
- SPDIF Digital Output
- Selectable Phono/Line Level Output (w/o ground wire)
- Detachable Power and Audio Connections
- Illuminated Output Bay
- Cartridge Sold Separately

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