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Furman AR-1220J

20 amp line voltage regulator

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The 20 amp AR-1220J AC Line Voltage Regulator is intended to protect audio, video, computer and other electronic equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities-sags, brownouts, or overvoltages that can cause sensitive digital equipment to malfunction, or, in extreme cases, to sustain damage.

The AR-1220J is designed to provide a steady, stable 120 or 100 VAC output. It accepts input voltages from 97V to 141V and transforms them to a constant 120V, ±5V, or 100V, ±4V. Voltages beyond that range may also be converted to usable levels, depending on how far out of range they are. The AR-1220J can handle loads totaling up to 20 amps as long as the input voltage is above 124 volts. For voltages below that level, its capacity must be derated at approximately .15 ampere per volt.

The AR-1220J has been designed specifically with the unique needs of audio and video in mind. Its technology differs from that of computer-oriented voltage regulators in many important ways. For example:

The AR-1220J does not use a ferro-resonant transformer, which would be heavy and bulky, radiate a large magnetic field, and be too frequency-sensitive to be usable with generators. Instead, it uses a use a design based on an eight-tap toroidal autoformer. The toroidal design assures minimal leakage of stray magnetic fields.

The AR-1220J circuitry monitors the incoming line voltage with each cycle, comparing it to an extremely precise voltage reference, accurate to ±0.15%. If a voltage fluctuation requires that a different tap be selected, the new tap is electronically switched exactly at the zero-crossing, to avoid distorting the AC waveform. (Most commercial voltage regulators using multiple-tapped transformers switch taps at uncontrolled times, thereby creating voltage spikes, and often creating clicks that can leak into the audio.) Hysteresis of 1.5V in the switching circuits avoids "chatter." The design is not sensitive to small errors in line frequency, making them ideal for use with generators.

The AR-1220J also features power conditioning that is truly in a class by itself, thanks to the quantity, quality and configuration of the overvoltage suppression devices used. These include MOV’s, high voltage inductors and capacitors, and precise high-inrush magnetic circuit breakers. This unique combination can safely divert large spikes as well as filter audible high frequency noise. An additional feature, Extreme Voltage Shutdown, senses dangerously high or low voltages and shuts down the output before any damage is done. The output remains off until the overvoltage or undervoltage is removed, with an LED indicating the shutdown condition. This invaluable feature provides positive protection to your equipment from accidental connection to incorrect line voltages (for example, 220V when 120V is expected-a not uncommon hazard in the entertainment industries.

The AR-1220J has 12 outlets on the rear panel, and two on the front panel. All outlets are regulated, spike-suppressed, and filtered against RFI with a 3-pole filter. There are no controls except the circuit breaker/on-off switch. A bar-graph meter comprised of 10 LED’s indicates input voltage, while another LED indicates "In Regulation" status (i.e., that the output voltage is within ±5V of 120V.) Also provided is a 10-LED bar graph meter to indicate output current. The unit is housed in a compact, two-space rack-mount chassis, 8.9 x 43.2 cm and weighs only 16 kg.

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- Delivers a stable 120 plus or minus 5 VAC whenever the input AC line voltage is between 97V and 141V, or 100v plus or minus 4 VAC whenever the input AC line voltage is between 65V or 135V
- Output capacity 20 amps
- Twelve 20A outlets on the back panel, two 15A outlets on the front
- 10-LED bar-graph Input Voltage meter
- 10-LED bar-graph Output Current meter
- Extreme overvoltage/undervoltage causes instant shutdown, protecting equipment
- Extreme Voltage Shutdown indicator LED
- Output In Regulation indicator
- Low stray magnetic field leakage

- Current Rating: 20 amps for input voltages of 104/124* or higher; derate at 150 mA per volt to a minimum of 16.5A
- "In Regulation" Range: Provides regulation plus or minus 5V in 120V mode from 97 to 141V and provides regulation plus or minus 4V in 100V mode from 80 to 122V
- Shutdown Range: 120V mode: Below 75V or above 150V. 100V mode: Below 65V or above 135V
- Voltmeter Accuracy: plus or minus 5V
- Spike Protection Modes: Line to neutral, neutral to ground, line to ground
- Spike Clamping Voltage: Initial turn-on at 200V; TVSS rating of 400 volts peak at 500 A, L-N, N-G, L-G (tested to UL-1449)
- Response time: 1 nanosecond
- Maximum surge current: 6,500 amps (8 x 20 ms pulse)
- Maximum spike energy: 80 joules per node; 240 joules total

Noise Attenuation:
- Differential mode: Greater than 40 dB.
- Transverse and common modes: Greater than 60 dB, 1-200 MHz.

- Dimensions: 8.9 x 48.3 x 43.2 cm
Weight: 16 kg

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