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Waves GTR Solo - Native Digital Download

Amplifier and FX Modeling Software

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GTR Solo delivers the sound of real amps, cabs, stomps, and mics—in your computer. Just plug in, fire it up, and experience precision models of amplifiers by Fender®, Marshall®, Vox® and others. Then take it to the next level with awesome distortion, modulation, and ambient effects. These are the same GTR sounds top guitarists, producers, and engineers are using on their most important tracks. Your guitar. Your computer. And GTR Solo. It's all you need to take the lead.

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  • Clean: Based on a 1959 tweed Fender® Bassman®
  • Sweet: Based on a 1968 Gibson® Skylark
  • Edgy: Based on a 1980 Vox® AC-30 TB-2
  • Drive: Based on a 1964 blackface Fender® Super Reverb®
  • Overdrive: Based on a 1980 Marshall® JMP
  • Crunch: Based on a boutique amplifier from Paul Reed Smith's personal collection
  • Shredder: Based on a Marshall® JMP1 preamp
  • PRS Scorch: Based on a boutique amplifier from Paul Reed Smith's personal collection
  • PRS Crush: Based on a modified 50W Marshall® MK2
  • SolidState: Based on a Hartke® 3500

  • Distortion drives the intensity up a notch, for even more crunch and bite.
  • OverDrive delivers gentle growls, screaming highs, and everything in between.
  • Delay with BPM sync is perfect for polyrhythmic ping-pong effects.
  • WahWah features both AutoWah as well as Manual Mode, for external MIDI control.
  • Flanger soars from light feathery swirls to extreme jet sweeps.
  • Phaser recreates the classic whoosh of the 70s.
  • Chorus modulates your sound, from mildness to madness.
  • Spring delivers the timeless sound of spring reverb.
  • Pitcher shifts your pitch in real-time, perfect for whammy style FX.
  • Vibrolo is a combination Vibrato and Tremolo.
  • Gate/Comp is a gate and compressor in one.
  • EQ is a 6-band graphic equalizer.
  • Volume Pedal lets you fade in or out with ease.

  • 12" OpenBack
  • 2x12" Closed Back
  • 2x12" Open Back
  • 4x10" Open Back
  • 4x12" Standard
  • 4x12" Vintage
  • Acme 12" Custom
  • Bass 8x10" Pro
  • Acme 4x12" Vintage Gibson® Skylark
  • Acme 8" OpenBack Hiwatt®

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