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Arturia V Collection 2

Bundled Collection of Virtual Analog Synths

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A synth lover's dream come true, Arturia's V Collection 2 bundles an entire arsenal of glorious vintage synths in one amazing package. These virtual synthesizers don't just sound similar to their namesakes; each one is a spot-on replication of a sought-after synth from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and beyond. So prepare to be completely blown away by the unbelievably realistic sound of seven of the most well-known and coveted synths of all time, including heavy hitters from Moog, ARP, and Roland. The complete list contains: Moog Modular V2.5, Minimoog V2, Prophet V2 (including the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS), ARP2600 V2, CS-80 V2, and Jupiter-8 V2. In short, virtual renditions of many of the most sought-after analog synths of all time are all here in Arturia's V Collection 2.

Analog synth enthusiasts, prepare yourselves for all of the parameter tweaking and patch manipulation your heart can desire. V Collection 2 takes you back to the glory days of analog technology, when Moog, ARP, and Sequential Circuits reigned supreme. Your journey begins in the mid-'60s with the Moog Modular. Arturia first designed their Moog Modular in partnership with Bob Moog and have continued to improve its sonic characteristics to faithfully emulate this iconic synth. You get all of the flexibility of running patch cables and tweaking knobs, as the Moog Modular V2 responds to the touch of your keyboard as though you were sending it pure CV rather than MIDI. Like the rest of the collection, Moog Modular V2 takes full advantage of modern technology, with an advanced patch browser, MIDI functions, and instant setting recall.

If the fully modular nature of the Moog Modular is a bit more flexibility than you're looking for, or you just crave the sonic idiosyncrasies its younger cousin, then fire up the Minimoog V2 and enjoy its exceptional re-creation of the original Minimoog's streamlined layout. Create your own sounds from the very first oscillator, or snag one of the more than 1,000 killer presets and start twisting some knobs! Or fire up the incredible ARP2600 V2 and dive into the synth known for providing deep, rich, and vibrant tones of artists ranging from Herbie Hancock to Stevie Wonder. And with the latest version of ARP2600 V2, you get breathtaking automation control over its parameters via MIDI in Arturia's VCollection 2!

Representing a whole lifetime of a great synth company, Prophet V2 gives you both the first and the last of Sequential Circuits' legendary contributions to synthesizer history. Inside Prophet V2, you get the latest versions of Arturia's painstaking reproductions of the analog Prophet 5 and the digital Prophet VS, in all their sonic splendor. You also get some bonuses, such as built-in effects and tons of presets. Also in the digital realm are the CS-80 V2 (a re-creation of one of Yamaha's past keyboard masterpieces) and the Jupiter-8 V2 (a revival of one of the great Roland keyboards of bygone days), both loaded with content and represented in mind-blowing detail.

When you consider that all these synths together would cost you a small fortune — and still not have the added bonuses of these great software re-creations — V Collection 2 is one of those values that's simply too good to pass up!

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  • MoogModular V2.5
  • Minimoog V2
  • CS-80V2
  • ARP2600V2
  • Prophet V2
  • Jupiter-8 V2
  • 7 accurate emulations of legendary analog synthesizers
  • More then 400 carefully selected presets
  • Smart Preset Managers to organize the presets: view by Name, Instrument, Type and Project
  • Photo realistic interfaces that perfectly resemble their predecessors on screen
  • Addition of new modulation possibilities, effects, arpeggiators and polyphony
  • Functions as VST, AU, RTAS or Stand Alone

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