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Galaxy LSR38 Life Saver

Life Save Sandbag/ Waterbag

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The Life Saver Sand Bag is designed to help improve the stability of microphone, speaker and lighting stands. The Life Saver is constructed of a durable reinforced vinyl. The Life Saver, when filled with sand (not included) weighs approximately 38lbs and 22lbs when filled with water. The Life Saver is especially useful for mic stands with a boom, where the weight of the mic and boom can upset the balance of the mic stand and cause it to tip. The Life Saver will also help stabilize a top- heavy speaker stand. Unique "doughnut" shape means the Life Saver will stay put and not slide off the stand.

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MPN: lsr38

  • May be filled with sand or water
  • Protects mics and speakers from damage
  • Helps keep microphone, speaker and lighting stands upright
  • Bag measures: 16" O.D. x 6" I.D. x 3" thick
  • Weighs: 38 lbs. with SAND 22 lbs. with WATER
  • Sand/Water not included
  • Unique doughnut shape keeps bag on the stand

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