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Ddrums Deccabon 2224

22 and 24 Inch Mounted Percussion

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ddrum's Deccabon drums are 6" in diameter drum and tuned to represent specific notes in the scale, as each varies in depth. But rather than simply providing the eight notes in a given octave, ddrum has expanded the scale by offering depths from 6" to 24", for more tonal variation and control.

This set includes 22" and 24" black fiberglass Deccabons with a double-braced stand for additional voicings around the kit, tuned melodic passages, or just the right amount of mayhem to make a proper statement.

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MPN: deccabon2224

  • One 22" deep x 6" diameter Deccabon
  • One 24" deep x 6" diameter Deccabon
  • Adjustable stand

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