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Lace California Acoustic Switchcraft Endpin Jack

Sound Hole Pickup 1/4 inch Female End Pin

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There is No Comparison, Lace Music's California Pickup is the Best of The Best!

Just try to compare the California sound hole pickup and you'll see and hear the difference. Other slab-of-wood style removable pickups are inferior and come with 20 feet of low grade cable that can easily degrade your signal quality. Using a shorter cable length and higher quality cable, the craftsmanship and tone sets the California Acoustic pickup far apart from the others.

Lace's California has a slim, sleek design with excellent output, providing extra quiet operation combined with high output and tonal excellence gives this acoustic pickup the edge over its counterparts..

The California Acoustic comes with a high quality cable, which is mated to a Switchcraft end pin jack. The end pin jack is a high quality chrome housing encompassing the best in jack design. Organic cork helps protect your guitar's finish with a positive clamping setup.

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MPN: 07200

  • Extra quiet operation combined with high output
  • 1/4 inch Switchcraft end pin jack
  • Uses organic cork to protect the guitar's finish
  • 12 Foot Cable
  • Easy Installation
  • Position: Sound hole
  • Resistance: 4.0k
  • Peak frequency: 4600
  • Inductance: 1.3 henries

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