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SONiVox Dubstep Destruction Tools

Comprehensive Toolkit for Dubstep Creation

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The only comprehensive toolkit for Dubstep creation!

Don't wait for the drop. Create it.

Dubstep Destruction Tools comes with everything you need to create heart-stopping dubstep tracks from dark and distorted to soaring and melodic: Wobble, the original dubstep virtual instrument; Twist, a cutting edge spectral synthesizer; Vocalizer, the one of a kind audio re-synthesizer perfect for reprocessing, re-pitching, and synthesizing vocals and drums; and Pulse, the Swiss Army Knife of drum machines that reads any MPC, MP3, Aiff, or WAV format file, and comes complete with its own massive library of sounds. Dubstep Destruction Tools from Sonivox has all the software elements you need to create thunderous, earth-shaking beats that will push your creative limits, and test your subwoofer.

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MPN: Dubstep Destruction Tools

    Wobble 1.0 - Dubstep Grime Generator
  • Spectral Morphing Synthesis engine creates traditional or blazing new Dubstep sounds
  • Tempo-Synched Modulation Generator
  • Over 200 fat and juicy Dubstep presets that can be easily tweaked into thousands of variations
  • On-board real-time sampling
  • Fully automatable via hardware or software control

    Twist 1.0 - Spectral Morphing Synthesizer
  • Ultra user friendly graphical interface that makes sound creation and personalization easy
  • Over 200 factory presets that can be easily personalized into thousands of variations
  • Tempo-Synched Modulation Generator
  • SONiVOX's Intelligent Rhythm Control (I.R.C.)
  • Fully automatable via hardware or software control

    Vocalizer - Vocal Production Synthesizer
  • Unparalleled signal processing, vocoding and re-synthesis, from subtle to completely mind-blowing
  • Vocalists - enjoy building complex complementary harmonies and soundscapes out of your voice, or transform your solo voice beyond natural boundaries
  • Non-singers - sing on tracks you could never have before. Make your voice musical in ways you've never imagined you could
  • Endless sound sculpting possibilities. Run any audio source through Vocalizer's revolutionary input-based synthesizer for unbelievable results
  • Make and warp chord progressions, beats, effects or portamento leads like no one has heard before

    Pulse - Advanced Production Instrument
  • 64 user-assignable pads with infinite sample layering, multi-channel routing and assignable effects
  • Imports most MPC file formats including MPC 60/62, MPC 3000, MPC 2000, MPC 2000XL, MPC 1000, MPC 2500, MPC 500, and MPC 5000 as well as AIFF, WAV, BROADCAST WAV, ACID & MP3 files
  • Includes over 167 premium drum kits and 249 other instruments from SONiVOX's award winning sound design team
  • Advanced multi-mode pattern & step sequencer with real-time performance record and on-the-fly trigger functionality
  • MIDI learn & save functionality, PULSE is instantly compatible with any MIDI keyboard or MPC style pad control

    Windows System Requirements
  • Windows 7, XP, or Vista
  • Pentium IV 2.0 GHz Processor or AMD 1500 XP
  • MME Compatible Audio Hardware ASIO Compatible Audio
  • Hardware Recommended:
  • Minimum 512mb RAM 2GB Recommended
  • A VST or RTAS compatible host application (not required for Stand-Alone Mode)
  • 9 Gigabytes free hard drive space

    Apple System Requirements
  • OS X Version 10.4.1 or higher
  • Intel Based Processor
  • Minimum 512mb RAM 2GB Recommended
  • A VST, AU or RTAS compatible host application (not required for Stand-Alone Mode)
  • 9 Gigabytes free hard drive space

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