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Electro Voice DL12BFH


12 Inch Raw Pro Woofer

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Electro Voice

The DL1BFH low/mid-frequency speaker is a 12", 8-ohm speaker driver designed for professional high-level monitoring and sound reinforcement. Incorporated into the design are 3 exclusive Electro-Voice innovations: PROTEF, a Teflon-based coating, the Thermal Inductive Ring, and the Flux Demodulation Device. Also included in the DL12BFH speaker design are aluminum castings fastened to the pole of the magnet to control inductance and provide a major heat transfer from the voice coil, which improves power handling and reduces thermal dynamic-range compression.

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UPC: 701001012312

• Woofer for compact 2-way systems
• Mid-bass woofer for 3- and 4-way systems
• 300W long-term power capacity
• 100dB sensitivity
• Thermally efficient magnet assembly for high reliability

• PROTEF TM coating helps protect
woofer from excessive power peaks
•TIR TM and FDD TM reduce distortion,
keep voice coil cool, and smooth
frequency response
Typical Amplifier Size (see Typical
Amplifier Size section):
300-600 watts

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