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Groove Tubes GT-EL34LS

Matched Russian Power Tubes

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Groove Tubes

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This new exclusive GT design features special "heat wings" attached to plate for more power, longer life, and better tone. The 1st choice of Matchless and many pro players including Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, and Joe Walsh, these tubes are very dynamic, and produce a big bottom. The most powerful in their class.

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EL34 Type (typical power ranges from 25 to 38 watts)
This is the Classic pentode power tube used in Marshall, Hiwatt, Laney, and similar Euro type amps. These tubes have a big bottom and a crisp top end that get crunchy when pushed hard. It also has sort of a hollow midrange response. These are the choice of the modern rockers, a la British Rock and Heavy Metal.

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