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Dimarzio Fast Track 1

Hum-canceling Strat Pickup

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It's not any bigger than a single-coil pickup, but the sound of the Fast Track 2 puts it right in the wide open, 'everything-on-11' school. It's got three times the output of an average single-coil, with a huge mid-range and bass punch and a strong resemblance to the Super Distortion This is Dimarzio's hottest single-coil sized bridge pickup—particularly useful when you need a tightly focused jolt of power to crank your amplifier into rich overdrive. Combining it with a Pro Track or The Chopper™ in the neck position and The Cruiser® or Fast Track 1™ in the middle makes a guitar with an outstanding, broad range of sounds from glassy to dark and heavy.

Recommended For: Bridge position for all Strat-style guitars. The dual-blade polepieces can handle all string-spacing options.

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- Wiring: 4-conductor
- Magnet: Ceramic
- Output: 321mV
- DC resistance: 17.53 kOhms

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