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Roland F-110 Compact Digital Piano

88-Key Digital Piano with Stand

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The newest member of Roland’s compact digital-piano lineup is the eye-catching F-110. Featuring an attractive wooden cabinet in gorgeous Satin Black, it offers a fresh look that will blend well with any home environment. With its 88 keys stereo multi-sampled piano and high-quality library of sounds, plus its unique cabinet with folding lid, acclaimed keyboard touch, and an intuitive user interface, the F-110 is a smart choice for the budget and space-conscious musician.

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- Folding lid cabinet design covers the keyboard when closed and functions as a music rest when open
- Satin Black
- Luxurious metallic 3-pedal unit embedded in the stand
- Friendly control panel with quick access to essential functions
- 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano onboard, along with high-quality collection of sounds
- 128-voice polyphony
- PHA alpha II keyboard
- At just 30cm deep, the streamlined F-110 fits easily into bedrooms and restricted living spaces. The unique folding-lid design covers the keys when closed, and serves as a music holder when open.
- The F-110 features Roland’s finest 88-key concert grand-piano sound, with individual stereo multi-samples for every key. It’s touch responsive to the subtlest pressure and nuance - from the deepest, most powerful bass to the most delicate high notes.
- The F-110’s 88-key Progressive Hammer Action “PHA alpha II” keyboard gives you the authentic feel of an acoustic grand, with a weightier touch in the lower registers and a lighter touch in the higher registers. Pedal positions are detected smoothly as well, causing the sound to be shaped in direct response to the depth to which a pedal is pushed, creating just the sound you want.
- With the F-110, you can play day or night, year after year, and enjoy perfect sound and performance. Since the F-110 is fully digital, there are no strings to tune. No need to worry at temperature changes or aging strings. And since it’s digital, the F-110 lets you play through its built-in speakers, it’s external output, or privately through headphones.
- The cabinet depth of only 30 cm leaves you free to place the piano anywhere in your room, will cater for all tastes.
The folding lid allows the keyboard to be safely covered when closed and also serves as a music rest when raised up.
- Thanks to SSC technology, the F-110 features 128-note polyphony and 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano sound for a truly authentic playing experience.
- Thanks to the PHA alpha II (Progressive Hammer Action) keyboard, the F-110 has an amazingly natural key touch which reproduces that of an acoustic grand piano.
- F-110 features an intuitive control panel that you can instantly use with total confidence.
- The built-in luxurious metallic 3-pedal unit gives you comfortable playability for any piano performance.
- More than 60 different piano songs are included for your listening pleasure.

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