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Turn your computer into a music studio!
Notation Technologies has revolutionized the music notation software market by creating Play Music…the easiest music composition software available. No Music theory knowledge needed. Play Music’s user friendly interface will easily guide you through the composition process…simply click on the instrument sound you want (Up to 24 at one time!) and Play Music will play back your song with those sounds! Add lyrics and text to your song to complete your masterpiece. Finally, beginners will be able to compose music the very first time they use Play Music!

You can easily use your computer mouse as an instrument to create your composition.

Simply select a note, click on the desired area of your score and the notes will appear. When you click on the score with your mouse you will hear the note that you are adding to your composition. If you make a mistake just drag the note, listen for the note that you want, let go of your mouse button and you’re done.

It’s that easy!

You can also use any MIDI keyboard or any MIDI instrument to insert notes and play back your song.

Simply play your keyboard and Play Music will write the notes for you! Play your composition back as a violin, guitar, bass, flute, tuba, steel drum, or ANY sound you have on your keyboard! Record live or by using step entry to create songs that sound like a virtuoso!

Play Music is the perfect way to learn how to read and write music…By Having Fun!

If you don’t have a MIDI keyboard you only need a computer soundcard to choose from over 128 sounds to play back your song!

Choose a guitar, violin, flute, keyboard, tuba, xylophone, percussion sound or ANY sound you want from your soundcard and Play Music will play back your composition with those sounds. You can even save your song as a MIDI file to use with other music software programs. Import MIDI files and Play Music will automatically write the music for you. You can also easily edit MIDI files and save them as your own!

Play Music includes over 30 templates to easily create new scores.

Simply choose a template and Play Music will set up your original composition for you. You can save your compositions as templates and quickly create new ones without having to start over every time you want to compose. Play Music includes 20 Sample Songs that you can edit or use as a guideline to create your original compositions. You can also extract parts of the song and create a new original score! Play Music takes out the effort of writing music. It’s that easy!

Stop wasting time learning other music software programs and start having fun composing, playing, and printing your own compositions.

Play Music’s user-friendly interface is designed to make it easy to find all of the functions you need to create a song. The easy access palettes allow you to simply click on notes, articulations, dynamics and every tool you need to create Professional compositions.

At Notation Technologies we believe making music should be fun!

Play Music allows you to print out sheet music with the same quality you buy in the store. You can even e-mail your original composition to a friend or family member and if they own Play Music you can create a song together!

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Music Notation/Publishing Software

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