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Gator G-112A

Rolling 1x12 Amp Transporter and Stand

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A problem for decades has been the guitar player getting his amp from the van to the stage without damage. Many amps weigh in at nearly 100 pounds, which further complicates the issue. The new Gator Amp Transporter is the solution. Made from our Semi-hard technology, the case is 600-denier ballistic material on the exterior with a ½ inch wooden interior frame covered in 20mm military spec foam with Tricro interior to protect the amp. Heavy-duty wheels and pull-out handle make the transporter a dream to move over long distances. The cases have rugged web side handles for carrying over rough terrain plus an external pocket for pedals, cables and gear. Made for the popular sizes, the Gator Amp Transporter Cases are truly the answer for millions of guitar players with single 12's, Twin 12's or traditional vintage heads.

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MPN: G-112A
UPC: 716408501369

25(l) x 12(w) x 19.5(d)

Amplifiers that will fit into this case include the following (list is not all-inclusive):

- Ampeg J-12T
- Behringer GX112, ACX1000, GX210, AC112, BX600
- Crate GLX 65, GLX 120, V1512, VFX5112, DXJ112, DXB112, VC3112B, CA125D, GFX30, GFX50TT, GFX65, GFX120, GX30M, GX65, GX120
- Fender® Cyber-Deluxe, '65 Deluxe Reverb, Custom Vibrolux® Reverb, Hot Rod Deluxe, Stage 100™ DSP, Deluxe 90™ DSP, DT112 Enclosure, Acoustasonic™ Jr., Bassman® 400 head, Frontman Amp® 60B, KXR60
- Line6 Flextone II Combo, Flextone II Plus, Flextone Cab 112, Spider 210, Spider 112
- Marshall AVT20, TSL601, DSL401, DSL201, AS50R, MG30DFX, MG50DFX, B65, LR230
- Peavey BAM Bass Head, FireBass 700II, NitroBass, Basic 112, Classic 30 Ltd, Classic 30 BT, Classic 30, Transformer 112, TransTube 112, Studio Pro II
- Roland AC15, T-25
- Vox AC15, T-25

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