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Rolls GCi404

Mixer with Phantom Power

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The GCi404 mixes a balanced XLR Microphone signal with a 1/4" Instrument signal and a group of stereo Line Input signals. The Microphone input has +12 volt phantom power, a variable Level control from no signal to +55 dB of gain, and a Balance control. The Instrument input has a Level control variable from no signal to +30 dB. The Line input group features three types of inputs; stereo RCA, stereo 1/8", and a stereo Phono preamp with grounding post and built-in RIAA equalization. These signals are mixed at the Line Level control. A ducking feature has been included in the GCi404 which, when engaged and a signal is present at the microphone will duck the remaining input signals under the mic signal. The ducking controls are located on the rear panel and include Depth and Release Time controls. The Depth control adjusts the level of signal reduction by the ducker, the Release control varies the amount of time taken for the program material to return to its previous level. The GCi404 requires 12VDC; a Rolls PS27 power supply is included, or the unit may be powered by a computer's internal drive power cable. A CD input has been included on the rear panel for connection to the computer's CD drive. Outputs on the unit are stereo RCA and 1/8" as well as a 4-pin header to connect to a sound card. Uses for the GCi404 include commercial audio production, home audio voiceovers, phonograph record to cd recording, etc.

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MPN: GCi404
UPC: 675889040401

  • Microphone input with phantom power.
  • Instrument input.
  • RCA Line Input, Stereo 1/8" Line Input, RCA Phono Input with Ground post and RIAA equalization.
  • Individual Level controls for Mic, Instrument and Line Inputs.
  • Automatic "Ducking" or talkover feature for Mic Input.
  • Stereo RCA, 1/8" TRS stereo, or 4-pin header connector Outputs.

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