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OnStage Mix400

Mix-400 Mixer Drum Machine Stand

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The Mix-400 from On-Stage Stands is much more than just a mixer stand; it�s the perfect place for all of your most sophisticated equipment. Its amazing strength, portability and versatility make it the best stand for any musician with the need to put their expensive gear someplace safe.

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MPN: MIX-400

The Mix-400�s metal platform is adjustable and can accommodate any autolocator, drum machine or digital audio workstation between 14 � to 21 �� in length and 12 to 15 �� in width. Its double-spine gears with radial grooves can swivel the adjustable head into any position between fully horizontal and nearly vertical.The center shaft assembly adjusts the height anywhere from 28 to 38� and can be friction-locked into place, allowing any musician to use it while standing or sitting.A high impact plastic base consists of five legs with fully lockable casters so the item won�t go rolling all over the stage (a big selling point, given the high cost of electronic music equipment).The entire unit can be broken down into three pieces for simple storage or transportation.

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