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ART Tube MP Studio V3

Tube MP Studio V3

Tube Mic Preamp w/ Voicing Presets

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The Tube MP Studio V3 features ART's new V3 (Variable Valve Voicing) Technology - found only in ART microphone preamplification systems.

V3 provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process. The V3 presets were created and fine-tuned by some of the industry's top studio and live-sound engineers, along with our veteran engineering department. V3 allows you to select between a multitude of preamp settings designed for guitars (electric and acoustic), keyboards, bass guitars, drums, vocals and more. V3 gives you incredible presets for every instrument you record, so all your recordings will sound professional. Need to tweak the presets? Go right ahead - hone your perfect tone! That's the power of V3.

V3 also incorporates ART's OPL (Output Protection Limiter), which precisely and accurately controls and maintains the output peak signal. The OPL circuitry is crucial in protecting the next link in a signal chain - such as a hard-disk recording system or a sound card.

The Tube MP Studio V3 features all the functionality of its predecessor, the world's number one Tube Mic Pre, the Tube MP.

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UPC: 840402011446

Phase Reverse
+48v phantom power
Clip LED
+20dB switch
An analog VU meter for visual tracking of the signal.
The design of the Tube MP Studio V3 allows it to add warmth and fatness to a signal while maintaining exceptionally low noise and high quality tone. While its primary application is to be used with a microphone, the Tube MP Studio V3 is an exceptional direct box - impedance matching, amplifying and improving the sound of any instrument plugged into it.

The Tube MP Studio V3 offers superior performance and sound quality to the "on-board" preamps found in today's low-cost mixers and multi-trackers. Professional quality sound combined with professional features - a hand-selected 12AX7a Tube, Phantom Power and Phase Reverse - are what make the Tube MP Studio V3 an outstanding microphone preamp.


A wide variety of applications including recording, project and home studios, where it’s Variable Valve Voicing really shines.
It also functions as a direct box, with impedance matching and preamplification for line-level sources - improving the sound of any instrument plugged into it.

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