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Korg KP2 KAOSS Pad -


Sampler / Trigger Pad / Effects Processor

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With its concept of "the effect processor as musical instrument," the KAOSS PAD has long been a must-have item for the cutting-edge DJ or creator. And now Korg brings you the KP2, with even more effects and a powerful sampling function.


Touch Pad lets you use your fingertips to control how the effect is applied, allowing you to process sounds in directly intuitive ways - ideal for DJ work or laying down tracks.
100 effect programs are built-in.
New BPM effect functionality allows effects to be synchronized to the BPM. The Auto BPM function calculates the BPM automatically, detects BPM from the MIDI Clock, or sets BPM by repeatedly pressing the Tap switch.
The sound being input can be directly sampled (up to 6 seconds of 44.1 kHz sampling for each of the two sample keys) and played back.
The Pad Motion function lets you record and reproduce complex finger movements on the touch pad. Highly original effect sounds can be played back instantly.
A Mute function that controls the effect reverberation has been added.
MIDI IN/OUT is provided, letting you control the KP2’s effects via MIDI IN from an external sequencer.
The color of the pad will change dramatically according to your finger position and the type of effect (delay or reverb, etc.) for heightened impact in on-stage performances.

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Effect Variation: 13 types (Pitch Shift, Distortion, Filter, Wah, Tremolo, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Pan, Gate, Phaser, Ring Modulator, Sample/Play [Forward, Reverse, Time Stretch, Loop Time Modulation])
Effect Programs: 100
Inputs: LINE IN (stereo RCA phono jack) / PHONO IN (stereo RCA phono jack) / MIC IN (phone jack)
Outputs: LINE OUT: (stereo RCA phono jack), Headphones (stereo phone jack, volume)
Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
AD/DA Conversion: 20 bit linear
Power supply/Ground: DC12V(AC adapter), ground terminal (for phono)
Dimensions: 204(W)x207(D)x48(H)mm/8.03"(W)x8.15"(D)x1.89"(H) (including knobs) (Preliminary)
Weight: 1.0 kg / 2.2 Ibs. (Preliminary)
Accessories: AC adapter, Touch panel protection sheet
Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

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