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Behringer Ultrastack BG412H (slant)

4x12 Slant Stereo Slant Cab

Product Code 10736

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Since their introduction, our ULTRASTACK cabinets have been extensively tested in studios and on the road by numerous guitarists representing just about every imaginable musical style. Regardless of their widely varying styles and tastes, all of these guitarists agree that the BG412’s have everything it takes to become industry standards. To be honest, anything else would have surprised us, considering our extensive efforts to provide you with superior build quality and powerful vintage-voiced speakers in three practical, performance-oriented formats.

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Our straight BG412F and slanted BG412H combine perfectly to form a classic double stack. Each of them features four custom-made 100-Watt 12" speakers and an easily accessible switch for 16-Ohm mono or 2 x 8-Ohm stereo operation. All three models offer a second 1 /4 " jack, which serves as the right channel input in stereo mode or as an output for connecting additional cabinets in mono mode.
All of our ULTRASTACKs are ruggedly built, using environmentally-friendly E1 MDF boards and multi-glued tongue-and-groove construction, and feature tear-resistant black vinyl covering, a specially developed, acoustically transparent steel grille, oversized chrome corners, die-cast handles and detachable casters for easy handling and years of trouble-free use.

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