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Allen Heath Mix Wizard WZ20S

12 Input, 6 Aux. Mixer

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Allen Heath

Designed using the Allen & Heath 'Minimum Signal Path' philosophy and built to the same high standards as the GL range, the WZ20S is a fully professional console in a portable format. With its 8 identical dual stereo line inputs and 4 mono mic/line inputs, novices and seasoned pro's alike will feel comfortable using this mixer.
· 10 mic/line inputs
· 6 pre/post aux sends
· 4 band, 2 sweep EQ
· 100mm faders
· Desk or rack mounting

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· External inputs - Two external stereo inputs are provided, each with rotary level controls. Ext 1 can be routed to Mix 1 and/or Mix2, whereas Ext 2 can be routed to Mix 2.

· Output meters - Two pairs of 12-LED bargraph meters enable quick visual monitoring of output signals. The first follows the Mix 1 output signal. The second follows the selected Monitor signal, including PFL and splt PFL when this is in use.

· Aux masters - A rotary level control is provided for each of the 6 aux sends. 4dB of gain is available on each control.

· Monitor section - A rotary level control for headphone level is complemented by source select switches for each of the auxes (which can be monitored either individually or in stereo pairs), external inputs and Mix1. If no source is selected, the default is Mix 2. PFL will override the selected source and this is confirmed by a red LED. A mono switch enables stereo sources to be checked for mono compatibility.

· Local monitor - a rotary control sets the level of this dedicated output. The source follows the headphones and PFL to this output can be enabled/disabled using a mode switch. The level can be dimmed using the illuminated switch.

· Split PFL - Activating this facility will cause PFL to appear in the left monitor channel and program material to appear in the right channel. Typically used with headphones to enable cueing while monitoring outputs.

· Master stereo outputs - 100mm faders enable smooth fade outs. Mix 1 can be routed to Mix 2 for stereo sub-grouping.


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