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Rain Song DR1100

6-string Dreadnought Acoustic w/ Hardshell Case

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Rain Song

The Dreadnought is the traditional workhorse of acoustic guitar music. With a large, deep body and wide waist, RainSong’s DR1100 has the powerful bass and ringing treble of a great rhythmic guitar, but still maintains a wonderfully balanced sound, with clear distinction among individual notes. From rhythm to lead, the DR1100 makes its presence known. Capable of cutting through admirably in any acoustic setting, the DR1100 is loud enough to compete with banjoes, mandolins and other traditional volume hogs. Includes RainSong Hard Shell Case.

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Now, let’s apply this to the sound difference between wooden guitars and graphite guitars. Wood absorption is non-linear throughout the audible spectrum, and therefore exhibits a very complex structure of missing, enhanced and mixed overtones.

It turns out, however, that "graphite" (a composite material of carbon fibers in a resin matrix, usually epoxy) has almost no damping - no losses - at these frequencies. This means that a guitar soundboard made of graphite behaves in a nearly linear manner, displaying almost the regular overtone pattern of college physics.

Thus a RainSong’s damping is almost constant across the acoustic spectrum, rather than increasing rapidly at high frequencies. Since the higher frequencies aren’t damped as heavily as in a wooden guitar, the trebles are louder. High overtones are only slightly damped, and therefore display very little non-linear interaction. The overtone sequence is pure, with few mix tones or missing harmonics.

Projection Tuned Layering™
RainSong Graphite Guitars has quite recently developed a radical new technology for manufacturing its acoustic guitars, Projection Tuned Layering™. It is a proprietary process uniquely suited to RainSong’s all-graphite construction, and patents covering it are pending. Until they issue I can’t discuss the technique, but I can describe the basic acoustic physics of what we were trying to do and why we have succeeded.

Basically, we wanted to increase the acoustic volume of our guitars. Since guitar soundboards, like airplane wings and speaker cones, should ideally have zero weight and infinite stiffness, we reduced the weight of the soundboard while increasing its overall stiffness and response. We also did away with traditional soundboard bracing, which adds considerable weight and provides only localized stiffness. PTL provides uniform soundboard stiffness, enhancing the sound throughout.

I can affirm that the result is a warmer, richer bass which nicely balances RainSong’s signature bell-like treble, and that the instrument as a whole is dramatically louder. Players accustomed to wooden-guitar acoustics are surprised by the light weight, delicacy and projection of the new RainSongs. Wooden soundboards simply cannot be made as light and stiff as PTL soundboards.

The new technology also allows for considerable improvements in production efficiency and quality control. Because of the unique nature of Projection Tuned Layering as a process, we can produce guitars faster and with a more consistent quality. That means we can drop the price while improving quality - a rare achievement!


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