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Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882 +DSP w/ Channel Strip Bundle MAC OS X

Mobile I/O 2882 +DSP w/ Channel Strip Bundle MAC OS X

modular FireWire based multi-format audio I/O

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Metric Halo

For MAC Only.
Mobile I/O is Metric Halo’s award winning audio interface. Based on the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) transmission protocol, the Mobile I/O 2882 line has 8 channels of analog input and output, 8 channels of lightpipe I/O, and stereo digital I/O with SRC as AES/EBU and S/PDIF, for a total of 16 simultaneous channels of I/O. It supports all of the standard professional and multimedia sound driver APIs , including ASIO and native OS drivers. Each input channel has individual phantom power, and all are fully matrixable.

Mobile I/O ships with multitrack recording and mixing software. The +DSP unit has an extra DSP chip onboard to capitalize on the additional processing power of Metric Halo software and third party plugins.

Unlike other emerging 1394 audio solutions, Mobile I/O is based on a fully field-upgradable, programmable audio engine, which future-proofs users against changes to the FireWire spec and provides a low-cost path to future enhancements.

The 2882+DSP has been redesigned to incorporate optical connectors for added functionality. Highlighting the flexibility of the Mobile I/O hardware architecture, Metric Halo added lightpipe support due to user demand.

Mobile I/O is about the same size as a laptop computer and only one rack unit high, making it right at home in the studio, and the first choice for the field. Mobile I/O 2882 provides on-board low-latency signal processing for seamless foldback mixing in tracking.

Mobile I/O 2882 supports simultaneous input and output of all the major audio standards: analog balanced & unbalanced (Mic, Line & Instrument), S/PDIF, AES, ADAT® Optical & IEEE 1394.

In addition to 8 line-level outputs, each Mobile I/O 2882 provides an independent stereo headphone mix and output. Analog inputs and outputs are all 24-bit, 96kHz compatible. The Mobile I/O Series provides wordclock input and output allowing transparent professional interfacing of multiple units for larger systems. Mobile I/O is fully modular and interoperable. All units support 400Mbs operation, and overall system support will run up to 128 total channels of 96k audio. Support for up to 256 total channels of 48k audio is also possible. Units may be mixed and matched for optimal I/O and processing configurations.

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UPC: 000888879637

INCLUDES Channel Strip Plugin Software!

ChannelStrip was developed as a way to marry the sound and feel of a world-class mixing console with the power and flexibility of digital audio workstations. It offers exceptional audio quality, incredible DSP and CPU efficiency and a comprehensive user interface that finally allows users to work with their DAWs as efficiently and interactively as they would with a dedicated mixing console. Some people consider ChannelStrip the SSL of processing plug-ins, and frankly, we do not mind.
This product is the channel strip processing section of a full-blown, large-format digital mixing console in a completely automatable, highly efficient signal processing plug-in. ChannelStrip provides input gain, channel delay, phase invert, full gate with a filtered sidechain, full compressor with a filtered sidechain, fully parametric 6-band 48-bit EQ with ±24dB of gain per band, output gain and advanced metering. All this functionality is provided in a signal processing package that is up to 4 times more CPU efficient than the competition while still providing world-class sound quality.
ChannelStrip provides all standard audio processing facilities in one complete plug-in. Each instance provides:

Input gain/trim
Polarity Invert
Expander/gate with integrated parametric side-chain filter
Compressor with integrated parametric side-chain filter
6 band fully parametric 48-bit EQ with +/-24dB boost/cut per band
6 selectable filter band types: Peaking/Parametric High Shelf with adjustable dip Low Shelf with adjustable dip Bandpass High Cut Low Cut
User adjustable 255 sample delay
Output gain/trim.

The compressor section is dynamically switchable between pre- and post-EQ. All internal routing can be done with the transport engaged. Each processing section is fully metered. The output section incorporates SpectraFoo-style Peak, RMS, and VU meters.

*Package includes all versions of Channel Strip except TDM

NOW MAC OSX compatible!

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