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Bass Synth Wah Bass Envelope

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The Bass Synth Wah™ is simply the most versatile bass envelope filter pedal on the market, with seven different bass envelope filter types to choose from. This delivers more envelope filter effects than any other bass envelope filter pedal available.

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UPC: 691991200618

Sens - adjusts the trigger threshold of the synth, filter and envelope effects.

Control - adjusts wet/dry mix, or synth or filter attack.

Range - adjusts envelope range, cut-off frequency, or frequency envelope.

Type - selects between seven different Bass Synth Wah™ effect options, including Envelope, Envelope Sub, Synth 1, Synth 2, Filter 1, Filter 2, and Octa Sub.

Dual Outputs. The Normal (Dry) output is for connecting directly to the input of your bass amplifier. The Effect output utilizes CIT™ and is for connecting directly to a mixing board or to a bass amp.

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