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Presonus DigiTUBE

Tube Pre-amp/Equalizer w/ Digital Output

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Born from the award winning BlueTUBE, the DigiTUBE adds a three band sweepable EQ and 24-bit Digital Output. The mic preamp features 70dB of gain with 22dB of Headroom. The DigiTUBE provides a three band EQ which is fully sweepable with overlapping bands for maximum tone shaping. A 24-bit Digital output via S/PDIF makes the Digitube the perfect front end for soundcards and digital recorders. The DigiTUBE offers XLR analog output and TRS Insert point for patching in a compressor or other outboard effect units. U Rack.

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- Tube Preamp with 70dB of Gain and 22dB of Headroom
- Fully Sweepable Three-Band EQ with Bypass Switch
- Insert Point after Mic Preamp for Patching in a Compressor/Limiter or other Outboard Device
- 24-Bit Digital Output via S/PDIF
- Word Clock Input and Output via BNC Connectors
- Rackmountable via Optional BMRA Rack Adaptor

- XLR Impedance: 5k W
- High-Z Impedance: 1Meg W
- Connector: Neutrik™ Combo

Front Panel Controls
- Tube Drive: 0dB to +30dB
- -20 dB Pad: 0dB to +40dB
- +48V Phantom Power
- EQ In/Out Selector
- 80Hz High-Pass Filter
- Low EQ Band (+/-12dB): 30Hz-1kHz
- Mid EQ Band (+/-12dB): 900Hz-5kHz
- High EQ Band (+/-12dB): 3kHz-15kHz

Rear Panel Controls
- Sample Rate Selector: 44.1kHz/48kHz
- Internal/External Clock: 44.1kHz/48kHz only
- BNC External Clock Input

- Analog XLR Balanced: 51W Impedance
- Analog 1/4" TRS Insert Tip: Out
- Ring: In
- Sleeve: GND
- Digital S/PDIF (RCA Connector)

- Power Indicator: LED
- Eight-Segment LED: -28dBu to +18dBu

Power Supply
- Power: 15W
- Type: Linear
- Input: 18V AC/1000mA

- THD+Noise (Unweighted): 0.05% at 0dB Tube Drive; 10% at 30dB Tube Drive
- Noise Floor: -94dB
- Signal To Noise: >90dB
- Power Supply Rejection: >98dB
- Amplifier Type: Dual-Servo

- Weight: 8lbs
- Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 1.75"
- Mounting: Universal Rack Tray Insert
- Chassis: Steel
- Panel: Brushed Aluminum

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