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Superscope PSD300


CD Recorder with CD Player, Performing Arts Controls, mic/line inputs, and built in mic and speaker

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The Superscope PSD300 is the world’s first CD Recording system for the performing arts that combines a professional CD-R/RW recorder with a CD-R/RW player featuring innovative CD manipulation controls. This portable stand-alone system is designed specifically as a valuable portable music rehearsal and performance tool. In addition to its recording drive, the unit’s CD player features the same performing arts controls found on the popular Superscope PSD230 portable CD player. These special controls allow musicians to practice with their favorite artist or a specialized music accompaniment CD and manipulate the key or tempo of that music on the fly.
Use this portable system to:

Record live direct to blank CD-R (write once) or CD-RW (rewritable) discs.
Plug microphones directly into the unit for stereo recording without the need for a separate mic preamp and mixer.
Or use the built-in microphone.
Play any music CD and manipulate the key and tempo, create practice loops, or reduce lead vocal tracks all on the fly.
Plug instruments or microphones into the PSD300 and mix a live musicians with music CD accompaniment (taking advantage of innovative CD manipulation controls)
Record the mix to the CD-R/RW drive
Duplicate CDs at 2X speed
Convert a CD to half speed as a duplication option. Each note will be exactly one octave lower, at half the speed. A great tool for music transcribers.

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CD Player Features:

Change key in musical half steps
Change tempo -33% to +50% without changing key
Reduce lead vocals
Create A-B practice loops
CD Recorder Features:

Built-in microphone and speaker

Stereo XLR & 1/4” mic/line inputs

Programmable mic/line EQand filtering

Automatic record level control

Computer CD-R/RW disc compatible

Convert to half speed


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