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Behringer ULTRA-G GI100

Ultra-Rugged DI Box for Guitar with Speaker Emulation

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With the ULTRA-G GI100, BEHRINGER introduces an all-new active DI Box, engineered from the ground up for electric guitar. Developed in collaboration with renowned German amp designer Juergen Rath, the unit's switchable speaker simulation emulates a 4 x 12" cabinet.

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MPN: GI100

The ULTRA-G GI100 allows connection of amplifier outputs with ratings of up to 3,000 Watts and input levels of up to +48 dB by way of switchable input attenuation. An input clip LED helps set the pad switches properly. A ground-lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems, while the BEHRINGER OT-1 output transformer ensures full galvanic isolation and S/N ratio of over 100dB for crystal-clear, virtually distortion-free sound and wide, linear frequency response. A link output allows direct connection of speaker cabinets or dummy loads. The unit's internal battery automatically shuts off when phantom power is present to preserve battery life. An extremely rugged, road-proof aluminum housing with stackable oversized rubber corners round out this high-quality product.

The ULTRA-G has been extensively road and studio tested by several renowned guitarists and engineers, including sound expert Achim Koehler, who stated that "the speaker simulation was so convincing that I gave up trying to mic cabinets on stage."

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