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Ultrasone HFI-15G


S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones - Black

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Short description:
Open, supra-aural superior headphones
with S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
Free demo-CD enclosed

Technical specifications:
S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
Reduced magnetic field emissions
Standard LE (=Low Emission)
Dynamic principle
Frequency range 20 Hz - 20.000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Sound pressure level 96 dB
Driver 40 mm Mylar

Weight 85 g (without cord)
Cord length ca. 3 m
3,5/6,3 mm gold-plated plug

Long-term availability of spare parts

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S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
The HFI-15G is a lightweight superior pair of headphones with
3D sound characteristics. This effect is a result of ULTRASONE’s
S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound.

Safer hearing
In addition, the HFI-15G is easy on the ears: The S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound System allows an up to 40% lower dB output (3-4 dB) for the same loudness sensation, thereby the risk of hearing defects may be reduced enormously.

Reduced Magnetic Field Emissions
Like all the ULTRASONE headphones, the HFI-15G has a strongly reduced radiation. LE standard (LE = Low Emission) offers a reduction of up to 60% in comparision with ordinary headphones.
It is certified and recommended by Technical Surveillance Organisations and Consumer Advice Centers with certified low magnetic field emissions.

They do look like their fellows in the store but once you try them you
will never again forget this experience. Pure innovation and the new standard in sound quality for headphones - that´s what it is. This is
the world’s smallest pair of headphones with a functional S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound System. Software game manufacturers use these headphones for testing the sound parameters for computer games.

No other system like S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound takes you inside your DVD movie or your PC game. If you are watching your DVD movie on a PC or with a home cinema audio set, just plug in your HFI-15G and you will be part of the movie. Due to its small size and its light weight, the HFI-15G is also ideal for mobile applications (walkman, MP3-player).

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