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Monster SP1000-AES-2M


Studio Pro 1000 AES/EBU M Silver Digital Cable 2 Meter - precision XLR

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Digital audio is an exacting science with no room for error. That's why Studio Pro 1000 AES/EBU uses oxygen-free copper covered with polished silver for ultra-fast rise times and detailed, transparent sound. Careful engineering and precision dielectrics create a low capacitance, high speed cable that reduces jitter and bit errors, ensuring precise signal transfer even over long runs. Close-tolerance impedance and extra-wide-bandwidth exceeds AES/EBU specification for 110-ohm digital systems, and a dense copper braid and 100% foil shield reject leakage and outside interference. For professional sound, get SP1000 Digital Interconnect Cable.

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Polished silver plated OFC conductors for fastest rise time and detailed, transparent sound.

Low capacitance, precision 110-ohm construction for sharp square waves and accurate signal transfer.

Specially designed for excellent performance over long runs.

Heavy-duty black Neutrik® XLRs with 24k gold contacts.

Close-tolerance impedance and extra-wide bandwidth exceeds AES/EBU specification for 110-ohm digital systems.

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