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MOTU Micro Express

Micro Express

Cross-platform, full featured MIDI interface with MTC, SMPTE & 4 inputs, 6 outputs

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The micro Express is a mini version of the MIDI Express XT. It has many of the same features as the Express XT - except that it is smaller and even more affordable. The micro Express is a half-rack unit with 4 inputs and 6 outputs.
MIDI interface for Macintosh(r) and Windows(r) (3.1 and 95, 98, ME, XP)
Can connect both a Mac and a PC at the same time
Stand-alone MIDI patchbay/merger/processor
SMPTE tape sync in all formats
4x6 MIDI merge matrix - connects any device to any other
Front panel presets for plug-and-play convenience
4 independent MIDI IN
6 independent MIDI OUT (9 actual MIDI OUT ports)
96 MIDI channels
Supports MIDI Machine Control transport messages
Pedal input for momentary foot switch
Audio click input - converts audio click into MIDI data
16 presets with 8 programmable, battery-backed memory
Recalls setups via MIDI patch change
Includes software for Macintosh and Windows
Internal Power Supply

0   0

MIDI processing

Merge any inputs to any outputs
Route any inputs to any outputs
Mute any MIDI data on any cable
Re-channelize on input and output

SMPTE time code (LTC) generater and reader
Converts LTC to MIDI Time Code (MTC) to sync a Mac, PC or any other devices to SMPTE time code
Converts all SMPTE frame rates (24, 25, 29.97 drop, 29.97 non-drop, 30)
Stripes SMPTE time code in all frame rates (24, 25, 29.97 drop, 29.97 non-drop, 30)
Converts MIDI Time Code to SMPTE time code
SMPTE "Jam Sync" with adjustable freewheeling for dropout-free sync
Supports MIDI Machine Control - serves as either an MMC master or slave, distributes MMC transport commands to all other MMC devices
Specifications & connectors

Custom-designed VLSI technology
Front panel buttons and LED’s for choosing presets (8 factory, 8 user)
Front panel SMPTE stripe button
Front panel SMPTE lock and tach LED’s
Status lights for MIDI IN/OUT and computers
Front panel MIDI IN and OUT ports
Panic button
10 MIDI connectors
2 SMPTE quarter-inch phone (line level)
1 pedal quarter-inch phone input (configurable for switch pedal or click-to-MIDI conversion)
1 PC parallel 25-pin "D"
2 Mac mini-DIN 8 serial
1 IEC power connector (switchable 115V - 220V)

Software console for Macintosh and Windows
1 power cord
1 Mac serial cable
1 PC parallel cable

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