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Drum Workshop 5000AD3 Bass Drum Pedal

5000AD3 Bass Drum Pedal

Accelerator Bass Drum Pedal

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Drum Workshop

To provide drummers with the unmatched smoothness, sensitivity, and dependability of ball bearings at the hex shaft, rocker, and hinge, all of DW's 5000 Series Single Pedals have now been upgraded to Delta Tri-Bearing System status. Delta Single Pedals are available in a choice of popular Accelerator (off-set), Turbo (center) Chain & Sprocket, as well as the traditional Nylon Strap and Cam drive systems and feature a host of DW innovations. Their new, top-of-the-line Delta II Pedals (Accelerator and Turbo Chain Drive) allow more power with less effort due to their wide, low-mass die-cast footboard, super-quiet double Chain & Sprocket drive, larger Delta II Ball-Bearing Hinge, and adjustable "Force Maximizer" weight system.

With this revolutionary system players can easily achieve greater bass drum presence by adding a series of small weighted disks to the footboard— incrementally increasing the inertial force of the beater and actually creating a bigger bass drum sound.

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MPN: 5000AD3

• Delta Tri-Bearing System
• Accelerator Drive with rubber insulator
• Force Maximizer Weight System
• Wide, die-cast footboard
• Patented Delta II Ball-Bearing Hinge
• Spring, Rocker Angle, and Beater Adjustment Gauges
• Side/Dual Adjusting Hoop Clamp
• Aluminum pedal plate
• Delta Rocker with Slotted Stroke Adjustment
• Built-in spurs
• 101 2-way beater

Includes Hard Shell Molded Case

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