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LP LP751


Medium Talking Drum

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LP Talking Drums are unique as they have the ability to modulate (change) pitch. This can be accomplished by holding the drum under the arm (or between the legs) and squeezing and releasing the cords on the side as the head is struck. The tension cord is made of special material to resist stretching while providing a comfortable feel. These drums have been newly improved to offer increased tuning sensitivity by stringing the cords at the skin wire.

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MPN: LP751

LP Talking Drums are crafted of kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak and feature an exclusive, dual purpose skin wire and rim designed for effortless playing and eliminate "head squeak".

LP Talking Drums are equipped with specially selected rawhide heads that are hand sewn for authentic sound and feel. They are available in three sizes; small with 5" heads, medium with 6" heads, and large with 7 1/2" heads. They are 11", 13" and 16" tall respectively.

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