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Edirol UM-880


8x8 USB MIDI Interface

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8 input - 8 output MIDI switching interface. Convenient USB connection to either PC or MAC computer, with a choice of front or rear panel jack. Stores up to 16 patch change command. Program via the front panel switches or your computer. Fully automated.

(Hardware Direct MIDI Routing) is a new technology, which realizes the operation of MIDI patcher function on a Hardware basis. HDMR creates the ZERO Latency MIDI patching system by direct connection of certain MIDI In and MIDI Out ports. There is no delay generated within entire MIDI data transmission process, which cannot be expected to manage on Software basis architecture. Thanks to the Hardware basis system, HDMR can be applicable with or without USB connection. Patching operation is surprisingly easy and simple by pushing buttons on its front panel. Your patch settings can be written on internal memory of UM-880.

(Fast Processing Technology of MIDI transmission) is the newly developed technology for making the speed of MIDI transmission extraordinary fast. In response to an amount of flowing MIDI data, FPT optimize data transmission band of USB so as to build up rapid MIDI transmission process. With this technology, transmission speed in an entire system becomes steadily faster and it allows you to operate with having only minimum low latency regularly. FPT has compatibility for all kinds of MIDI software sequencers, so you can use FPT with any software of your own selections.

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• 8 input - 8 output MIDI connections
• Zero latency Hardware Direct MIDI Routing (HDMR) with Fast Processing Technology of MIDI (FPT)
• Convenient merge function
• 2 USB ports, one front - one rear
• Utility (Preview, Cable Check, MIDI Event Filter)

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