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Voce Electric Piano

Electric piano module

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The ELECTRIC PIANO is designed to provide the player with sounds, effects and most importantly, the expressiveness of mechanical electric pianos. The timbre of the sounds created by the ELECTRIC PIANO varies greatly and smoothly over the entire key velocity range. The effects provided can be used to achieve the sounds heard in popular recordings of the past or create new sound innovations.

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CONTROLS - 4 - rotary controls: VOLUME, OVERDRIVE, RATE, and DEPTH. 2 - rotary selectors: TRANSPOSE (+/- 2 octaves and semitonal) and PRESET (22 presets, multi-timbral mode, program change enable). 4 - push-buttons: CHORUS on/off, TREMOLO on/off, WAH-WAH on/off, and AUTO WAH-WAH on/off. Rear: MIDI channel (OMNI ON mode), Wah-wah effect foot switch connector, tuning control, and power switch.
PRESETS - 32 total (22 front panel selectable)
POLYPHONY - 32 notes maximum, 16 notes minimum
AUDIO - 2 - 1/4" audio outputs provide stereo. +4 dBm nominal output level. CH2 output may drive stereo headphones with >600 ohm impedance (used for test purposes only, not suitable for driving headphones at high output levels).
POWER - 12 volts AC @ 800 mA, 2.5mm connector
CABINET - Extruded aluminum chassis, aluminum front and rear, steel bottom panel. 8" x 8" x 1.5"
WEIGHT - 4 lbs. excluding AC adaptor

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