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Yamaha 02R96

56 channels of transparent, full resolution 24-bit/96 kHz audio, with 32-bit internal processing and 58-bit accumulators

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With more than five times the processing power of the original 02R, the 02R96 represents a thorough revision that brings every aspect of the console up to date for any installed or live application. The unit is set for delivery in June 2002.

The 02R96 inherits the key features of the DM2000--24-bit 96kHz audio, Surround Monitoring, Studio Manager and DAW Control--into the same footprint size as the original 02R. Both the control surface and user interface have been enhanced to allow analog-style hands-on operation, and the work surface houses 16 user-defined keys available for assignable functions.

"The Yamaha 02R has remained an industry standard, despite the fact that digital audio production has advanced since its 1995 introduction," stated Wayne Hrabak, marketing manager, Professional Audio, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Now, as the industry settles on the 24-bit 96kHz format and surround sound capabilities, the 02R96 is ready to set new standards."

The 02R96 provides 56 channels of transparent, full resolution 24-bit/96 kHz audio, with 32-bit internal processing and 58-bit accumulators. Yamaha has also included a comprehensive range of 96kHz compatible stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing in the Yamaha 02R96, plus several designed specifically for surround. Up to four individual effect processors may be used simultaneously.

All onboard A/D and D/A conversions utilitze true 24-bit/96kHz converters. The 02R96 also offers some of the finest analog mic preamps, which provide excellent digital representation of warm, transparent output from the mic pre-amps. I/O capability is also in line with the rest of the console’s performance: four I/O slots accept a new range of 24-bit/96kHz-capable Mini-YGDAI digital and analog I/O cards. Cards are available in ADAT, TASCAM, AES/EBU formats, or for extra analog I/O capability. The 02R96 also supports Apogee’s high performance A/D and D/A cards, and the Waves Y56K effects plug-in card, designed for the Yamaha AW4416 and AW2816 digital audio workstations.

The 24 precision 100-millimeter motorized channel faders can be instantaneously layer-switched to control any of 56 channels. In addition, all available inputs, outputs, effects, and channel inserts can be assigned to any of the console’s channels or outputs via the versatile, easy-to-use digital patching system (for example, any of the four effects processors may be assigned to an aux buss for send-type operation, or inserted directly into any input channel as required). A direct out function also allows the signal from any of the 56 input channels to be routed directly to any digital or analog output. The eight aux busses can also be patched to anywhere in the system. Patch setups may be stored in the patch library for instant recall at any time.

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All 56 input channels of the Yamaha 02R96 feature flexible, independent compression and gating/ducking processors for dynamics control . The 4-band parameter channel EQ offers extra versatility with switchable "type I" or "type II" EQ algorithms. Channel delay has a maximum delay of 453 milliseconds.

An extensive selection of presets in a range of "libraries" may be selected and used unmodified, or edited to suit specific requirements. Libraries are provided for effects, compression, gating, EQ, I/O patching, and more. User setups can be added to the libraries for instant recall.

Surround features include panning, joystick, monitoring, bass management, and stereo mix monitoring ideal for 5.1. A multi-channel surround pan/position displays the position of multiple channels in the surround mix. The joystick provided for surround panning in the console’s SELECTED CHANNEL control section has high 128 x 128 step resolution for exceptionally smooth control, and a divergence parameter can be used to adjust the hard/phantom center ratio for each channel.

The monitor processing section also includes individual bus (speaker) muting and attenuation, overall level control for all monitor outputs, stem mix monitoring via independent source selection capability for each expansion slot, bass management for subwoofer delivery, and independent delays for precision speaker tuning.

The Yamaha 02R96 provides full automation of virtually all console parameters, with 24 smooth, quiet touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders, which can instantly be layer-switched to control the 56 channels. All automation data is recorded at 1/4-frame accuracy. Designed to integrate with leading digital audio workstations and computer-based recording systems, the 02R96 provides extensive support for DigiDesign ProTools, Steinberg’s Nuendo, and additional support for Emagic’s Logic Audio is also under development. The unit comes equipped with Yamaha Studio Manager Software, compatible for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, enabling total control and management of all console parameters via a comprehensive graphic interface.


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