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RME Audio HDSP9632


32 Channel 24 Bit/96 kHz I/O Card

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RME Audio

RME presents the world’s most versatile PCI Audio Interface – the Hammerfall DSP 9632. This card makes the dream of an All-In-One solution for every possible application come true. As usual, RME has not made any compromises: Latest AD- and DA-converters with more than 110 dB signal to noise ratio, all inputs and outputs simultaneously operational, easy-to-install optional analog expansion boards, the famous TotalMix, a newly developed, high-quality clock generator with total jitter suppression of external clock signals – all this combines into a ’soundcard’ that the world has been waiting for so long.

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Balanced stereo analog in- and output, 96 kHz/24 bit, > 110 dB SNR
Optional analog expansion boards with 4 balanced in- or outputs
1 ADAT digital I/O, supporting 96 kHz S/MUX operation
1 SPDIF digital I/O, 96 kHz-capable
1 Breakout cable for coaxial SPDIF
Up to 16 I/Os can be used simultaneously!
1 Stereo headphone output, parallel to the analog out, with independent level setting
1 MIDI I/O with 16 channels of hi-speed MIDI via breakout cable
TotalMix: 512-channel mixer with 40 bit internal resolution
All analog I/Os capable of 96 kHz, constant number of available channels
Included software:

HDSP Meter Bridge: Scalable level meter with Peak- und RMS calculation in hardware
DIGICheck 3.0 for Windows: Spectral Analyser, professional level meter for 2, 8, or 16 channels, Vector Audio Scope, various other audio analysis tools.
The optional expansion board contains word clock I/O BNC connections. Compared to the well-known DIGI96/8 series, the HDSP 9632 not only offers a further improved analog interface, but also all the features of the award-winning Hammerfall DSP series: All inputs and outputs simultaneously available, MIDI I/O and TotalMix, the DSP-based realtime mixer/router. Hardware updates through software and driver updates are risk-free thanks to the Secure BIOS Technology.

In short: The HDSP 9632 is the ultimate audio interface for PC or Mac, digital or analog.


Supported sample frequencies: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 64 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
8 buffer sizes/latencies available: 1.5 ms, 3 ms, 6 ms, 12 ms, 23 ms, 46 ms, 93 ms, 186 ms
ASIO zero CPU load technology: 0 (zero!)% CPU load when using ALL 32 channels!
All settings changeable in realtime
Clock modes slave and master
Automatic and intelligent master/slave clock control
Enhanced Mixed mode: All inputs and outputs simultaneously operational
Unsurpassed Bitclock PLL (audio synchronization) in ADAT® mode
TMS (Track Marker Support): Supports CD/DAT start-IDs and the read out of CD subcode
Comes with DIGICheck: the ultimate measurement, analysis and test tool
Unique status windows for record and playback, showing mode and sample rate
Zero Latency Monitoring: Hardware bypass per track, controlled by Punch-in/out
Analog input and output level configurable LoGain/+4 dBu/-10 dBV via software
Balanced analog input and output, 24 bit/96 kHz converter. Dynamic range >110 dBA
Low impedance output (75 ohm) for headphones, stepless output level through software faders
Speaker Protection minimizes noise during power on/off
Digital inputs and outputs ground-free transformer coupled
Super low jitter design: < 1 ns in PLL mode (44.1 kHz, optical in)
Digital I/O: optical (TOSLINK), coaxial (phono), internal (CD-ROM/Sync-I/O). Optional breakout cable provides AES XLR connection.
Digital Formats: SPDIF-AES/EBU (Consumer, Professional), ADAT optical

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