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Edirol PCR80


PCR-80 61 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

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The PCR keyboards offer a wide variety of functionality through 34 individual controls on the keyboard. 27 of the 34 controls can be assigned to control any MIDI message. The PCR-Editor allows you to save as many different control maps as you like & share different control configurations with other PCR users. Optionally, you can generate a list of parameters assigned to each control as an option from the PCR-Editor menu.

The PCR has extensive MIDI routing capabilities. You can independently assign any of the 27 controls to different messages, different channels, & even choose whether a message is sent through USB, through the MIDI out jack, or both.

The PCR can control sequencers, software synthesizers, hardware modules, or any peripheral designed to respond to MIDI messages. The assignable nature of the PCR makes it ideal for any software MIDI applications because no direct support is required on behalf of the software. This allows the PCR to remain a powerful part of your home studio regardless of the MIDI application you choose or version you run.

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UPC: 761294083765

USB bus powered
27 fully-assignable controls
High-quality key action, spring-loaded, felt-lined
Control of any MIDI message
5 octaves
16 memory locations
Preset Control maps for major software programs
PCR-Editor for saving & loading other control maps

It can also run from either the included power supply or draw power from the USB port for maximum portability.

The PCR-80 is also equipped with V-LINK that allows you to trigger and control video material in real-time via the DV-7PR (sold separately).

EDIROL designs its USB devices in accordance with USB specifications and has passed all compatibility tests, which are continuously held and organized by USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF).

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