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Aphex Punch Factory Pedal

Punch Factory Pedal

Compressor Pedal w/ Balanced DI

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Utilizing proprietary circuitry and a custom designed LDR, the Aphex Punch Factory combines the elegance of optical compression and the flexibility of a balanced DI output in a rugged, road-worthy, and portable design.

The easy-to-use design of the Punch Factory includes discrete control knobs for compression and volume, while convenient front panel, full bar graph metering quickly shows the gain-changing action of the compressor, calibrated in dB. Additionally, Punch Factory features an on/off foot switch, providing a hardwire bypass when the "off" position is selected; a glowing LED indicator quickly shows whether the unit is on or off; and the Punch Factory is equipped with a high quality, balanced DI output that can be connected to the microphone input of any preamplifier or sound mixer. The Punch Factory can be powered either by the any standard external DC power supply or by 9V battery for maximum convenience and portability.

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In both live and studio applications, the Aphex Punch Factory extends the sensitivity of an instrument, enhances the tonal nuances and evenly fills the volume envelope allowing a more consistent, full sound. Bass and guitar players alike will discover an entire new range of great sounds available on their instruments--ranging from an increased depth to a powerful punch--all with the simple turn of the Punch Factory’s control knob.

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