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MusEdit is a powerful yet inexpensive music notation editor. Use MusEdit to write standard treble and bass music notation, tab notation for 2 - 8 string instruments in any tuning (including bass), rhythm notation, lyrics in any font, and to draw chord diagrams -either from a chord dictionary or by creating your own. You can also use MusEdit to translate standard music notation to tab, or vice versa; transpose; play your music as sound; print beautiful looking scores, and more... Plus, MusEdit comes with a printed, well illustrated, 284 page manual.

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MusEdit has received great reviews in many music magazines:
Acoustic Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Electronic Musician, Gig, Folker!, Soundcheck, Banjo Newsletter, and others. (MusEdit was first released in June, 1997)

MusEdit is an inexpensive, yet full-featured music notation editor useful for:

-entering sheet music into your computer so it can be edited, compactly stored, and printed in almost any size exactly the way you want it

-"Play" the music through your computer's sound system so you can check the accuracy of your transcription

-scrolling music while playing your instrument -no more page turning!

-transmitting and sharing accurate, graphical versions of music with friends and other musicians

-learning and teaching about transposition, alternate guitar tunings, chord variations, and many other aspects of music


Basically, MusEdit is a "word processor" for music. We all know how indispensable word processors are for text, and now musicians have an affordable editor for their other medium of expression: music.

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