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Allen Heath PA12

8 Mono mic or line inputs + 2 stereo

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Allen Heath

The PA12 mixer has been designed with all the tools you will need to run a standard stereo PA system. With ALLEN&HEATH's legendary innovative design and excellent sound quality, these entry level consoles makes an ideal live mixer for club performers, schools' systems, conference rooms and travelling musicians. If you care about quality you'll also appreciate the build standards that the PA series conforms to, including the same individual vertical circuit boards, nutted pots and solid copper buss interconnection as our acclaimed ML series consoles. As for audio performance, PA12 mixers have the wonderfully full, open, natural quality that you'd expect from a professional ALLEN&HEATH desk.

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The main features of the unpowered PA Series are a new padless preamp, internal and editable Digital FX, SPDIF output and parametric output EQ.

The PA series is targeted at live sound customers including PA and AV rental companies operating smaller systems, bands, music venues, churches and schools. The PA12 is particularly suitable for the requirements of smaller bands and performers in the MI market as well as a host of other applications.

PA Series mono channels feature an XLR input with individual +48V phantom power and a TRS jack input which feed a new two-stage padless preamp, which directs line sources to the second stage for improved matching and performance. The EQ is a specially designed four-band type with shelving LF and HF, a fixed LM band at 250Hz and a swept HM.

The four-band semi-parametric EQ which proved to be such an important feature on the amplifier outputs on the powered mixers is also available on the main outputs of the unpowered PA Series.

Four auxiliary sends are included, with two pre-fade sends for foldback, one post-fade for internal Digital FX or external effects and another post-fade for additional effects or special feeds. Mute and PFL switches with LEDs, peak metering and a 100mm fader are also provided. Also included in the mixers' comprehensive feature set are integral editable Digital FX, 12-segment LED meters, XLR lamp socket and background music facility.

The consoles provide a main output with 100mm fader, mute switch and LED on TRS jacks, plus a mono sum output with level control which can be switched to subwoofer mode. Pre/post fader analog and digital recording outputs are provided on RCA phono and SPDIF connectors.

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