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Soundcraft Ghost 32 Channel Meter Bridge

Ghost 32 Channel Meter Bridge

Meter Bridge for 32 Channel Ghost Mixer

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Designing good audio mixers has never been easy –
but with the widespread use of ultra-quiet digital
recorders, and improvements all through the live and
studio audio chain, today's mixers have to stand up
to closer sonic scrutiny than ever before. At the same
time, mixing has become less a process that takes
place at the console alone, and more one that
involves outboard effects, samplers, and
synchronisation of audio and video recorders. It's a
big task for a mixer to keep in touch with all of that
– which is why Soundcraft created Ghost, the
ultimate affordable analogue recording console.
Simply put, Ghost is the only desk that delivers the
audio precision, quality and all the control features of
a big studio desk without the usual prohibitive price
The EQ, for instance, is directly comparable to that of
the classic Soundcraft 3200 and Europa consoles. No
An all-new mic preamp, ProMic, has been developed
just for Ghost. Its performance alone puts Ghost into
a different league from other consoles of similar
The killer punch, however, is delivered by Ghost's
integral computer-based machine control and mute
automation. Derived from the innovative Soundcraft
DC2020 post-production console, the machine
control in Ghost makes it far more than just another
mixer. It actually forms the heart of an automated
recording setup with countless benefits in ease of
use and production efficiency.
Read on and discover just what Ghost will do for you.
Ghost is a highly versatile 8-bus mixer, packed with facilities for
handling a wide range of recording and mixing applications.
Whether for studio or live recording, or mixing for picture, this is
a console that offers unparalleled flexibility and value.
Ghost is an in-line multitrack mixer with a Mix B path (often
called monitor path), as well as the main signal path on each
channel strip. It's called "Mix B" because the architecture of the
signal routing is much more flexible than that suggested by the
term "monitor", offering many of the features normally found
only on a main input channel. Unlike many mid-range consoles,
Ghost doesn't restrict facilities such as muting and EQ to the
main channel path.
24 and 32 channel frames are available, providing 56 and 72
inputs respectively at mixdown. In addition, using the 24 channel
expander unit, a further 48 inputs at mixdown are possible.
There's signal level indication on each channel as standard, plus
an optional meterbridge with 12-segment channel meters and
20-segment left/right master meters, for more precise metering.
Ghost's audio path combines traditional analogue benefits, and
innovations like Soundcraft's latest high-performance ProMic
mic preamp, with automated muting on both the main channel
and Mix B inputs. The automation is based on the advanced
technology used on Soundcraft's ground-breaking DC2020
console, and proven in both professional recording and post-production
Unlike other mixers, Ghost's ProMic mic amplifier offers smooth
control over a wide gain range – up to 60dB. It's amazingly
quiet, giving greatly improved noise performance in the mid-gain
region, with enough headroom for peaks from drum kit
mics, and extremely low distortion figures.
EQ is a crucial part of a mixer, and the EQ on Ghost is designed
without compromise – two fully parametric overlapping mid
bands, with shelving high and low filters. Classic ‘British EQ', in
fact, like that found on Soundcraft's acclaimed 3200 and Europa
consoles. The result is unsurpassed ability to control and correct
– for creative effect in a recording session, or applying corrective
EQ to an awkward live signal.
Being able to swap main and Mix B inputs, and split the EQ
between the two paths, Ghost allows a high degree of control
over a mix. Professional features on the channel strip include
individually switchable phantom power, phase reverse and plenty
of aux sends – 10 aux busses including 2 stereo pairs in all.
There's level and peak metering on every channel, and both the
main and Mix B paths have MIDI muting and PFL, while the main
channel path also offers true solo-in-place.
Image shown is Soundcraft Ghost with optional Expander and optional meterbridge fitted.

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MPN: RW5334

Ghost Typical Specifications
Microphone input
Sensitivity range for 0VU output.
...-8dBu to -60dBu
Maximum input level.........+14dBu
Input impedance....2k ohm
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
(CMRR) 1kHz Typical figure
.....-90dB @ sensitivity -30dBu
Equivalent input noise EIN.
22Hz-22kHz measured at insert point
.....-128dBu @ sensitivity -60dBu
150 ohm mic input load.
...-122dBu @ sensitivity -30dBu
Line input
Sensitivity range for 0VU output........+12dBu to -40dBu
Maximum input level...+34dBu
Input impedance.........15k ohm
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
(CMRR) 1kHz....-60dB
@ sensitivity 0dBu
Insert send & return
Nominal level......-2dBu
Maximum level ......+22dBu
Maximum send load ......2k ohm
Direct Output level
Channel output selected......
Group output selected...
.......+4dBu/-10dBV link selected
Tape Return input
Sensitivity at calibrated centre detent .....+4dBu
Tape trim range ......-15dB to +15dB
Input impedance.......>24k ohm
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
(CMRR) 1kHz: .............-60dB
@ Calibrated detent
Low Cut Filter
Frequency ............100Hz
Type of filter .........3 pole,
18dB per octave
Equaliser section
HF Eq. turnover frequency .12kHz
Maximum boost/cut...+/- 15dB
LF Eq. turnover frequency...60Hz
Maximum boost/cut....+/- 15dB
HMF Eq. frequency range..400Hz to 20KHz
Q range ......0.7 to 6
Maximum boost/cut.....+/- 15dB
LMF Eq. frequency range......25Hz to 1.5kHz
Q range .........0.7 to 6
Maximum boost/cut......+/- 15dB
Nominal levels
Group output level...+4dBu/-10dBV link selected
Group insert level.....-2dBu
Aux output level ......+4dBu
Mix output level .........+4dBu
Mix insert level......-2dBu
Mix B output level......+4dBu
CRM/ALT/Headphones level ..+14dBu at maximum
Studio outputs....+4dBu
2 Track inputs .......+4dBu
Stereo return inputs ...+4dBu
Console Input/Output circuit types
Electronically balanced inputs:
Microphone, Line, Mix B,
Stereo Return, 2-Track
Unbalanced 75ohms inserts: Channel, Group, Mix
Unbalanced 75ohms outputs: Channel Direct
Ground Compensated 75ohms outputs:
Group, Studio, Aux, Mix & Mix B
Attenuation. All at 1kHz
Long Fader attenuation
From top to bottom.......-90dB
MixB rotary fader attenuation
From max to min .............-70dB
Mute attenuation Channel & MixB....
Pan isolation, ie from left to right ........-70dB
THD+n. (harmonic distortion)
1dB below clipping, 1kHz
Mic/Line to Direct output.....0.002%
EQ out
...0.003% EQ in
MixB to Direct out (Swap pressed)..........0.002%
Direct output noise
22Hz-22kHz Mic sensitivity @ -10dB
Channel Fader at unity.....-95dBu EQ out
.........-93dBu EQ in
Frequency response
Mic/Line input to any output ...20Hz - 20kHz
.........Sensitivity @ 30dB
Mic input to Line input crosstalk.
.-100dB @ 1kHz
Line input to Mic input crosstalk
..-90dB @ 1kHz
MixB to Channel crosstalk....
..-80dB @ 1kHz
Channel to MixB crosstalk..
....-75dB @ 1kHz
Bus noise
22Hz-22kHz Channel faders down
+4dBu/-10dBV selected to +4dBu
Group outputs 1 to 8
Group fader at unity, nothing routed
24 channels routed, chan faders down.
32 channels routed, chan faders down.
Mix outputs L & R
Mix fader at unity, nothing routed..
24 channels routed, chan faders down.
32 channels routed, chan faders down.
Dimensions and weights
CH Overall width Weight(kg/lb)
24 1059.36mm (41.71").....44.0/97
32 1303.20mm (51.31") ...53.6/118
24 exp. 815.52mm (32.11") ...33.0/73
mixing for the next millennium

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