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Kamesan KS1017

KS-1017 Kamesan Lip Checker

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A big problem solved

Not all signal paths were created equal. With complex location linkups, spanning thousands of kilometers, audio and video signals don’t always follow the same route. Internet, microwave, broadband, telephone, satellite or undersea cable may be a factor. Typically, quality is not a problem, but synchronisation often is. The Kamesan Lip Checker has been developed to measure and quantify these delays, providing the engineer with precisely calculated offsets to calibrate signal delay equipment.

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The Lip checker is a small battery powered unit which compares the arrival time, of a simultaneously generated audio and video burst, arriving from a remote location. At the receiving location, audio is easily captured via a microphone or direct line connection. Video bursts are detected directly from a monitor screen using an exclusive image probe which is manually pointed at the changing image. The calculated delay is displayed on the unit’s large LCD to an accuracy of within one millisecond or resolved to a single video frame.

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